She Dreams Elsewhere Goes to NYC!

Hey y'all! Hope y'all have been doing well. Just a brief little update for today that I should've posted awhile ago but oops:

First off, She Dreams Elsewhere  will be playable at the Game Devs of Color Expo this Saturday, July 27th! Not only will there be a few goodies and a surprise announcement, but I'll also be personally speaking on a panel about hip-hop and gaming with Shawn Alexander Allen, Mega Ran, Sammus and Mike Eagle.

If you're in the area, definitely stop by and check out all the other dope games and talks! Again, it's on Saturday, July 27th from 11am-6pm at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, NY. There's also a chill afterparty at Babycastles right after the event at 7pm; you should definitely check that out too if you can.

I've also been thinking about doing a vlog of sorts while I'm in New York, too. I've always wanted to showcase the actual experience when it comes to going out of town and showcasing at these events, and since this particular tripped is packed with all kinds of adventures, I figured this would be the perfect time to start. What do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments or thru my social media channels.

Finally, the new Studio Zevere website is live. It's still missing some stuff, such as the archived blog posts, but it's a good start. Check it out and lemme know what you think so far!

That's all for today, more dope news coming this weekend (and beyond)! To keep up with the NYC trip in real-time, you can follow the game on Twitter or Instagram (and/or even my personal one too) ;)

Talk soon! <3


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Really good news! Hope you have fun <3