She Dreams Elsewhere to Premiere on Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC!

Hey y’all! I’m very excited to announce that She Dreams Elsewhere will officially be premiering on Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC on DAY ONE! You can check out the official announcement video revealed at X019 here:

I’m very excited and grateful to be working alongside Microsoft on this. Xbox has been a huge part of my gaming life since I was a kid, and the ID@Xbox team has been nothing but supportive of my vision, so much love goes out to them! At the risk of sounding like a shill, Game Pass is a really dope feature that I’ve personally received a lot of usage out of, so I’m extremely happy that many more people will be able to experience the game in this format. Not only that, but this opportunity means I can focus squarely on the game’s final quality throughout the rest of development and further expand the resources I’ve got to work with. The game is only going to get better from here, so I hope you all continue to look forward to its release next year.

And don’t fret; She Dreams Elsewhere will still be available to play on Steam, PC, Mac and Linux (and more!) on launch day as well, so you can play whichever way you’d like!

For those of you attending X019 this weekend, enjoy yourselves and stay safe! (And if you stop by the game’s booth there, be sure to snap a pic for me, yeah?) For everyone else, feel free to keep up with the game via social media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord) or give the game a nice little wishlist on Steam, it helps out tremendously.

See ya soon!


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This is great news! I've been following your game for awhile and I hope you get a ton of exposure and press for this!

I'd also be really interested to know how you were able to get an MV game working with Xbox. Is MS helping with porting? Super interesting!