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Just tried running the new v1.4 on my Ubuntu-MATE 19.04 system, and unfortunately I don't get much further than with 1.3. The regular and "nwjc" versions both immediately crash on hitting "New Game" (I sent a report already), and the "new" version works fine up until the first combat, where I receive this message:

This is actually a slight improvement over 1.3, because at least I'm now able to navigate the combat menu, even if it does die when I try to actually do anything. But I'll take what little victories I can get at this point.

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Thank you so much for stopping by! I saw your name pop up in the chat and just turned to my boyfriend and started screaming: "That's them!" Haha. I absolutely love your game--I say more in specifics at the end of the video--and already have it wishlisted on Steam. Incredibly excited for the full release, and I can't wait to see what else this world has in store!


I had so much fun playing this!! The puppies and kittens in it were adorable. Anyway, I talked about this game in my review series, Dazzlinglatte's Indie Picks!!

Tried to play on Linux, but when I hit new game I get this error (in terminal):

# Fatal error in , line 0
# Failed to create ICU number format, are ICU data files missing?

==== C stack trace ===============================

 1: Linux v1.3
 2: Linux v1.3
 3: Linux v1.3
 4: ??

Hmm, interesting. Thanks for letting me know, I'll ready a fix for the next update. :)

Oops. Awkward. Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it. :)

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Just Finished the demo last night.

It has a lot of Persona vibe (UI/Menu from persona 5 and the characters are making me think to persona 2)

I like the work globally, i'll make constructive critics, maybe it'll help you improve the game :)

Very pleased to see the game is polished on a lot of aspects, but why didn't you change the basic sound effects from rpg maker ? it makes a cheap feeling breaking with all the rest that is great.

Also regarding the UI, some status effect are impossible to read because of a number on top of it.

Maybe the diffulty is too easy ? (Not an objective comment, i play a lot of hard rpg, but if your goal is to do it hard then maybe an increase would be nice, or hard mode) 

I wish you the best for the future, keep up the good work :D

Очень странная игра, с поломанной камерой(мб это только у меня)

Но в целом все интересно, не хватает русской локализации :)


Really enjoying the game, seems super fun! Liking all the characters and music is superb! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


I just finished the demo and i spend a ver time ! I'm really looking foward the complete game. The story, the characters the atmosphere seems really interresting. 

I really recommend to play the demo !


Played through the demo and had a good time. What caught my attention was the music playing in the trailer. The sound and music in this game are incredible. The visuals are very nice and really set a surreal mood. I like the characters and the direction the story is headed. 

Lit, worth checking out. 


Looks fantastic, can't wait for the full game

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Seems it will run with the 1.3 demo on Linux (Ubuntu 18.10), great...but it crashes during combat.
See here:
If you want any more details or for me to test another build, do let me know any time :)

Hey! Thanks for letting me know, I think I know what's happening - I'll get on that and see if I can provide a fix. :)

Great, glad to know you're on it, can't wait to try properly :)

Tried the game on Debian testing too. Same crashes over here.

Also getting crashes on Ubuntu MATE 19.10. The regular version crashes when starting a new game, although the menus work fine. The nw version crashes during combat, and the other one crashes on startup.


This game was a real treat. I'm so glad I played the demo and can't wait for the full game! 

One thing I thought I should mention, though, is that the filter over the dream at the begining of the game doesn't fully cover the screen. At the very top it cuts out and you can see sort of a bright purple line. Its not a huge deal but I figured you might want to know.


I had fun playing the demo. We were extremely tired when recording but it wasn't .


So far, so good! Really enjoying the demo! The dialogue to me is fairly realistic and representative of our times.

I couldn't seem to open the Mac version of the demo? Has this happened for anyone else?


i love these character & enemy designs! good music and interesting dialogue. talk to dogs to heal? excelent.  super looking forward to this